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ColecoVision trade list

This is the current list of ColecoVision Games that I have available for trade.
  Game title Manufacturer Rarity
1 H.E.R.O. Activision r
2 Pitfall II Activision r
3 Pitfall! Activision u
4 Centipede Atarisoft r
5 BurgerTime Coleco u
7 Carnival Coleco c
8 Congo Bongo Coleco r
9 Destructor Coleco u
11 Donkey Kong Coleco c
12 Donkey Kong Junior Coleco c
13 Gorf Coleco c
14 Lady Bug Coleco c
15 Mouse Trap Coleco c
16 Mr. Do! Coleco c
17 Pepper II Coleco u
18 Roc'n Rope Coleco u
19 Tarzan Coleco r
20 Venture Coleco c
21 Zaxxon Coleco c
22 Miner 2049er Micro Fun u
23 Popeye Parker Brothers c
24 Q*Bert Parker Brothers c

Last Updated on 8/18/97
By Christopher M. Lengyel