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Neo-Geo game list

This is my current collection of Neo-Geo cartridges. I am always looking for new games for the system. If you are interested in any of these games, let me know what games you have for trade. I am most apt to get rid of the fighting games.
  Game Title Box Instructions Japanese
1 Art of Fighting yes yes no
2 Art of Fighting 2 yes yes no
3 Burning Fight yes yes no
4 Cyber-Lip yes yes no
5 Eightman yes yes no
6 Fatal Fury yes yes no
7 Fatal Fury 2 yes yes no
8 Fatal Fury Special yes yes no
9 Football Frenzy yes yes no
10 Galaxy Fight yes yes no
11 King of Fighters '94 yes yes no
12 King of the Monsters no no yes
13 King of the Monsters 2 yes yes no
14 Ninja Combat yes yes no
15 Top Players Golf yes yes yes
16 Viewpoint yes yes no
17 World Heroes 2 yes no no

Last Updated on 8/17/97
By Christopher Lengyel