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Classic Videogame Links

They are in no particular order, since most sites include information about all of the different classic videogame systems. It seems that once you start collecting a classic videogame system you usually end up with many of them. I have included descriptions of what you may find there.

  • Andrew Krieg's homepage. He has rarity lists for various systems.

  • VGR's homepage. The source for the original Atari 2600 rarity list as well as other videogame related information.

  • Mercury's unfinished homepage. If you are looking for something related to videogames, he probably has it!

  • A buddy of mine, Kevin got me into this hobby. He has many games for trade and sale, check it out and tell him I sent you.

  • Norman G. Sipple's Coleco Vision homepage. Home of the ColecoVison FAQ amoung other ColecoVision information.

  • Video Game Connections An actual store in New Jersey. The home of the NES Rarity list. He has fair prices and quite a few classic videogames for sale.

  • Jeff Frohwein's Technical Central. He has links on technical for classic as well as modern videogame systems.

  • Alan Watkin's classic videogame page. Links relating to Atari and other systems, he also has trade lists.

  • Home of the Atari FAQ. Anything you could possibly want to know about Atari, and more.

  • XXX

  • Sean Kelly's Homepage. He makes the infamous multicarts for classic systems, he also has many classic games for sale.

  • Bob Colbert's homepage. He has information on developing your own software for the Atari 2600.

  • Reinhard Pribish's Homepage. He has Atari 2600 items for trade or sale.

  • XXX

  • Atari Gaming Headquaters. Full of everything you need to know about the Atari systems.

  • xxx

    If you would like your video game related site listed here, just send e-mail with the URL. If you site is here and you would like it removed, just let me know. I try to update these links as often as possible, if any of them are invalid, I will fix them.

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